Welcome to our Meat Department

Our staff can season, stuff and marinate special cuts of beef, pork, poultry and more. And we'll package it just the way you like it.

We Call It Quality — But You Can Call It Delicious.

At Village Market, our meat department is top-notch! We sell USDA Choice beef that is cut fresh in our store every day! Our meats are NEVER injected with chemical additives like the meats found in "big box" retailers-you get pure meat here! We are proud to provide Gerber's Ohio-raised chicken, which is always free of hormones and additives. In addition to this, we also make our own Italian sausage! Made with fresh pork, you will find flavors such as sweet Italian, hot Italian, and bratwurst. We also carry local favorite Marshallville sausage, with great flavors like jalapeno and cheese, andouille, Slovenian, and smoked sausage.

Perhaps best of all, we cut your meat the way you want it! Looking for nice, thick steaks? No problem, our butchers are happy to oblige. If you don't see what you're hoping for, just ask one of our helpful employees and we will do our best to get you exactly the cut of meat you are looking for!

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Village Market

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