Welcome to our Deli Department

We now feature the Delallo deli line of lunch meats and cheeses! Delivering the perfect combination of convenience and quality.

Quick, easy ... and delicious!

If you are looking for meats and cheeses, look no further, because our delis carry only the best! Whether you are looking for national brands such as Eckrich or Butterball, or you prefer local favorites, Sugardale and Walnut Creek, you are sure to find something that more than satisfies your taste buds. We now carry Delallo's premium line of deli lunchmeats as well!

We offer delicious hand-made salads-chicken, anti-pasta, and sandwich spread salads, for example-that are perfect for any picnic. With a 24-hour notice, we can even provide you with party trays filled with petite sandwiches, cheeses, or vegetables, to help you be the perfect host. We will gladly make any sandwich, meat, cheese, or veggie tray to your specification!

As if high-quality meats and cheeses, delicious hand-made salads, or perfect-host party trays were not enough, we can help you with your on-the-go cravings as well! Come check out our sandwiches and pizzas, or pick up some of our daily-made lunch specials like fried chicken, tacos, hot pizza, and macaroni & cheese. If you are looking for a quick and delicious meal, stop in and pick up a bucket of chicken and jo jo's or a whole, fresh made rotisserie chicken.

Party Trays For Every Occasion

Planning a party, luncheon, open house, or family gathering? Our deli experts are here to help! Take some time away from your kitchen and visit ours. No event is too big or too small!

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